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Swiszle Williams With Bird's Eye Chilli (40% ALC, 500ML)

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Get ready for a burst of flavours when the intense heat of Bird's Eye Chilli meets the sweet taste of a Williams Pear. Sourced from the valleys of Coorg in India, the Bird's Eye Chilli is renowned for its intense heat which will ensure a significant kick to this drink. Enjoy this unique blend as a standalone drink or a shot or on the rocks. Made in Switzerland with the finest ingredients, a perfect amalgamation is formed when Swiss Luxury meets Indian earthiness.

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Get ready for a burst of flavours when the intense heat of Bird's Eye Chilli sourced from Coorg in India meets the sweet taste of European Williams Pear liquor to give the perfect mixture of ice and fire.

Bottle Description:
Quantity: 500 ML
Alcohol content: 40%
Spirit: Fusion Liquor
Bottle: Glass


The design on the bottle features the National bird of Switzerland - the Turaco bird and the symbolic representation of the Bird's Eye Chili along with Williams Pear and the pear florals. The bright, vibrant colours of Turaco, Bird's Eye Chilli and Williams Pear are embodied on the bottle to give a delightful experience. The colour notes of the bird represent calm and the bright red colour represents the spicy kick of the Bird's Eye Chilli.


A perfect blend of Williams Pear liquor and Bird's Eye Chilli with a subtle sweet and spicy texture and a deep golden brown colour. Upon opening the bottle, you are greeted by the refreshing aroma of the Williams Pear. The drink has a subtle sweetish hint of the pear upon consumption and the heat from the Bird's Eye Chilli kicks in after some time.