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Our Story

Born out of our mutual passion for premium beverages, Swiszle aims to provide an ultimate luxurious drinking experience for its customers. We began with distilling Gin as a hobby. All of our products are Made in Switzerland and we use the finest ingredients sourced from exotic locations. Our flavours are inspired by our deep-rooted Indian heritage and from our time spent in Switzerland. The perfect blend of flavours and our market experience is the driving force to develop high-quality beverages.

Meet The Team

Swapnil Yalgi

Well known amongst his peers as the Idea Machine, Swapnil comes up with interesting concepts and creates key strategies for Swiszle. Besides ideas, he is also responsible for operations and business development.

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Karuna Chitnis

With the experience of more than 13 years in the field of digital marketing, Karuna is responsible for the key marketing strategies and branding of Swiszle. If you have heard about us before, it's because she has made it happen.

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Devarsh Shah

Devarsh develops connections with international suppliers and customers. He is our master-blender and along with this, he is also responsible for our day-to-day activities and maintaining supplier and customer relations.

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Mt Titlis of the Swiss Alps located in central Switzerland, the highest summit of this mountain range is at 3,238 meters (10,623 feet) above sea level. The glacier is 20 meters thick. The glacier water resembles the richness and the purity of Mt Titlis. The glacial water is collected in a well at Trübsee.

Rated highly amongst enthusiasts, our Alpine Dry Gin and Williams with Bird's Eye Chilli are produced by using the purest form of glacial water sourced from Mt Titlis in Switzerland.

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